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Products & Services

Marrillia Environmental is Your Place for Waste.

Marrillia Environmental is a convenient stop to drop off your *unwanted waste and purchase quality mulch, screened top soil and other landscaping products. Our citizens area offers access for anyone to drop off *unwanted waste/trash. Our facility features a convenient and quick drop off area.

Marrillia Environmental’s Products & Services Offered:

  • Waste Drop Off
  • Mulch (3 different types of mulch: Black, brown and undyed. Mulch is sold by the scoop – 1 Cubic Yard)
  • Top Soil (Screened Top Sil sold by the scoop – 1 Cubic Yard)
  • Compost
  • Dropoff Dumpster Service (Roll-off Dumpsters)
  • Other Landscaping Needs Materials
  • Recycling Services (see below)

Clean Wood Recycling:

Marrillia Environmental has the only permitted Air Curtain burner in the state of Kentucky. The Air Curtain Burner is a pollution control device that is a cleaner alternative to opening burning. The device is able to burn clean wood, which provides ash that we screen and mix back into our topsoil. Making this process 99.9% recyclable.

Cardboard and Metal Recycling:

We are also happy to say that we recycle cardboard and metal at this facility.

Here at Marrillia Environmental we are trying to help stay clean and GREEN!!!!

*We do not accept: batteries, tires, asbestos, paint, pesticides, insecticides, hazardous waste, contaminated soil, and anything containing Mercury or Freon.

10 yard
12 feet long / 4 feet tall / 8 feet wide

20 yard
22 feet long / 4.5 feet tall / 8 feet wide

30 yard
22 feet long / 6 feet tall / 8 feet wide